Quality Policy

The aim of United Marine Services company is to succeed in business by providing a service of the highest possible standards, in a timely and cost effective manner, which satisfies both the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and its customers.

This could be achieved by means of providing a framework for monitoring the effectiveness, suitability and continuous improvement of the overall Quality Management System through internal audits and on-going reviews of the company’s quality policies, manuals, procedures and objectives.

Our Quality Objectives are to:
• Build on our reputation of quality, reliability and commitment while meeting our customer’s satisfaction and National & International rules and specifications.

• Reduce the non-conformities and re-work, thus minimizing internal quality losses.
• Provide resources to achieve continuous improvement within the organization.

United Marine Services is totally committed to maintaining a Quality Management System and it is mandatory that all personnel accept this responsibility and comply with the specified system requirements.

This policy is made known to all employees through the office’s induction program, individual distribution, and prominent display on the company’s notice boards and emphasized during internal training programs.

Health & Safety Policy

The Management of United Group For Marine & Oil Services. understands, accepts and recognizes its obligations and responsibilities in providing a safe and healthy environment in order to ensure safe working conditions for all company employees as well as its clients employees. The company will therefore allocate all necessary resources in order to fulfill its health and safety responsibilities.

The initial responsibility for the maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions, will be the duty of the company’s managers and supervisors who will be given technical assistance and information according to IACS regulations for confined spaces practice Rec.72 and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Association) which will in turn help them to carry out their duties.

All employees will undergo an in-house health and safety induction course. This course in addition to the Company job instructions ,training , information and reminders will be ongoing throughout their employment with United Group For Marine & Oil Services. These in turn will help all employees to fulfill their job responsibilities and duties in a healthy and safely manner.

The company standing policy with regard to job perfomance is that; the job is not properly accomplished if it is not being performed in a safe and healthy manner.

In formulating this policy, it is our company’s objective and intention that our employees achieve an acceptable safe and healthy work-place in which to operate and that they will receive encouragement to use safe procedures and practices that will have a three fold benefit, namely, themselves, our company and our clients.

Environmental Policy

It is the policy of United Group For Marine & Oil Services. to conduct all operations in a manner which protects the environment and company property, and which conforms with all applicable laws and regulations

Environment protection is of great importance to United Group For Marine & Oil Services. It is a line responsibility that extends to all levels of Management and Supervision. All employees should perform their assigned work in accordance with this policy, both in company profiles and in the communities where the company conducts business.

The Environmental Policy is carried out through the following practices:

• Providing the resources necessary to achieve an effective environmental program with consistent performance through the company.
• Training and educating employees regarding the company’s environmental policy and their individual responsibilities and duties.
• The company will recognize and respond to local community concern about its actions. In doing so it will seek to minimize any emissions, discharge and waste generated by its facilities or operations.

In Accordance with this policy, any employee who knowingly violates applicable environmental law and regulations may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.