United Group For Marine & Oil Services. Commitment to Safety.

  • UGMOS takes pride in our commitment to injury and incident-free operations.
  • UGMOS an industry leader with respect to safety and environmental controls. Our entire staff, from top management to those completing the work in the field, takes safety very seriously and is committed to continually improving our safety program.
  • Our Safety Incentive Program encourages our employees to always maintain the highest safety standards and rewards them for successfully supervising and completing safe work hours.
  • An independent third-party safety consultant, as well as our in-house safety director, carefully reviews active projects as part of our commitment to always provide the safest possible working environment.
  • All of our employees are continually trained and have the individual responsibility to protect themselves, their fellow employees, the environment, and the customers we serve.

Our safety actions will be guided by the following principles:

  • Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work.
  • Safety is a condition of employment.
  • Zero injuries are possible.
  • Each of our supervisors is responsible for preventing injury to those they supervise.
  • Training is essential for employees to work safely and to increase their awareness.
  • Exposure, which may result in injuries or illness, must be controlled.
  • Safety off the job is just as important as safety on the job.
  • At UGMOS , safety management is not just a program, but also a commitment. Our staff’s commitment is essential, and at United Marine Services that commitment is apparent in the continued results of our safety records, our safety programs, and the attitude of all involved, from those completing the work in the field to the top management.
  • United Marine Services Philosophy to Achieve Zero Injuries
  • United Marine Services has adopted the “Zero Injury” philosophy.
  • United Marine Services will create a culture that all employees at all levels accept ownership of the safety performance objective of “Zero Injuries”. The president sets the expectation and empowers all employees to do what is necessary to reach zero injury performance.
  • United Marine Services recognizes that opportunity and profit lost through workers’ injury is not covered by insurance.
  • United Marine Services understands the high cost of workers’ compensation is driven by worker’s injury and that achieving zero injury performance is a key component of responsible management.
  • United Marine Services will be an active participant as the project embraces the “Zero Injury” philosophy.
  • United Marine Services Safety Management Systems.

United Marine Services has a written commitment to environmental, safety, and health policies that include the following elements:

Management Commitments and Employee Involvement

• Written policies.
• Establish and communicate goals and objectives.
• Provide for top management visibility.
• Provide for employee involvement.
• Assign and communicate responsibilities.
• Provide authority and resources.
• Hold all personnel accountable.
• Review program versus goals annually.

Work Location Analysis
• Conduct comprehensive baseline surveys/audits for environmental, safety, and health.
• These are updated regularly.
• Analyze planned and new jobsite facilities, material, and equipment.
• Perform routine job safety analysis.
• Perform regular inspections.
• Provide employee suggestion system.
• Provide for investigation of accident, incident, and near misses.
• Analyze injury and illness trends.

Hazard Prevention and Control
• Engineering techniques.
• Procedures for safe work.
• Provisions for personal protective equipment.
• Administrative controls.
• Preventative maintenance.
• Emergency planning.
• Medical program.

Safety and Health Training
• Ensure that employees understand hazards and how to protect themselves.
• Supervisors analyze for hazards.
• Maintain physical protection.
• Reinforce training.
• Ensure that management understands responsibilities.

Maintain records of employees’ training, safety meetings, and health records
• United Marine Services will provide management systems that will involve planning to meet or exceed governmental and customer requirements and will make revisions and changes of safety policies or governmental regulations as they become effective. United Marine Services will provide it’s full-time safety director and a full-time safety coordinator on larger projects. UGMOS’ safety programs will interface directly with the customer’s safety program or desires and we will report directly to the customer’s management. Aetna Coatings’ safety director has the authority to stop work and correct any hazard or unsafe practices on the project.